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Adele Pauley

Newsletter Editor

Our family recently adopted Lily. I am an instructional designer and technical writer for work. Our family is active in our church and community. We live in Decatur. I am looking forward to working on the newsletter and providing other types of writing and IT help.

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Cory Deppen


Cory joined GRRA in 2011 after reading about the need for a volunteer to fill the Webmaster role in the newsletter. Eager to play a part in helping with website updates, Cory jumped right in and was recognized as Volunteer of the Month for June 2011. Since then, Cory relaunched the website for the organization and stays busy maintaining and adding new features to it as the needs of the group change.

In his current role, Cory is leveraging his passion for technology by developing and maintaining the website that offers many benefits to both volunteers and visitors to grra.com. Additionally, Cory works closely with other volunteers in the various roles within GRRA to understand their reporting and communication needs and ensures data in the current CRM system is accurate to aid in the decision making and communication processes across the organization.

Cory lives in Acworth, GA with his wife Christine and seven cats - Maggie, Molly, Mama, Four, Five, Hunter, and Mackenzie. Outside of GRRA, Cory enjoys bicycling if he can be torn away from a computer.

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Daniele Knight

Intake Coordinator

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Jeanne Flaim

Canine Training & Behavior Manager

Jeanne brought 7+ years of rescue experience with her to GRRA. Her passion is working with dogs labeled with behavior issues to make them adoptable. While most rescue dogs have been abused, neglected or abandoned, Jeanne will be the first to tell you the majority of problems are created because the dog is misunderstood by their people. For that reason, educating dog owners is a priority. She has established a library of positive method advice articles on a full array of topics. Check it out at www.grra.com , click on Behavior and Training Advice.

Jeanne has created and initiated GRRA's first training and behavior program, built a team of experienced training advisors, a dog walking team for dogs in boarding as well as managing GRRA dogs and their needs while in boarding.

"Golden Fever" took hold 37 years ago when Jeanne's husband, Steve, gave her a Golden puppy for her birthday. They have raised 2 human children, Grayson and Taylor, as well as a total of 5 Goldens. The current pups, Sammi and Royce, are very suspicious of mom coming home smelling like any number of dogs, but they are very supportive of the cause!

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Jeff Mielcarz

Foster Home Coordinator

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Ken Winfield

Triever Taxi Coordinator

Retriever Taxi Coordinator -- Paws on the Path Coordinator

Ken started with GRRA in 2010 when he and wife Nancy adopted Molly as a companion for their golden Jackson. Ken was so impressed with his Adoption Consultant, Victoria and Molly's foster, Shawna that he filled out the volunteer form and was "all in". Since then they have been foster failures with Rico, Buttercup, Max, The Boz, Daisy and Duncan. Over the years Ken has been involved as an Adoption Day Escort, Foster, Intake person and currently is the coordinator for the two most fun jobs in the GRRA organization: Retriever Taxi and Paws on the Path. Retriever Taxi has about 40 volunteers that taxi our goldens around metro Atlanta: to fosters, form fosters, to vets, from vets. to trainers or wherever they need to go . Paws on the Path, which has grown to 450 members holds monthly hikes and swims for our GRRA humans and dogs all over metro Atlanta. A fun time each month with friends ( old and new ) while having quality time with our furry goldens.

Ken and Nancy live in Roswell with goldens Daisy and Duncan. Their two sons, Brett and Todd live and work in San Diego. Ken is President of Fleetwood Cleaning Services of GA and Nancy is a first grade teacher and reading specialist at Woodward Academy.

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Kim Goforth

Intake Manager

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Lana Kollross

Voicemail Coordinator

Lana joined GRRA in 2018 and brought with her years of experience from other rescues to include Intake, Fostering, Foster Coordinator, Social Media, and Home Checks. "I have been involved in rescue for many years and there isn't anything other than family that I am this passionate about. I am honored to be involved in helping save Goldens!"

In 2019 she joined the Board of Directors as Secretary and in 2020 continued on the Board as Director of Placement and Intake.

Originally from Wisconsin, Lana and her husband, Steve, escaped the cold and came to Atlanta in 1986 and raised their 2 boys (Tom, 30 and Max, 27) in East Cobb. Lana works part time doing administrative work in a medical office. Their 13 year old Golden, Buster, provides continuous joy in their lives.

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Laurie Lemmons Murphy

Adoption Consultant Manager

Laurie began volunteering with GRRA in May 2019 as an Adoption Consultant. She has volunteered at Adoption Day, now Meet & Greet, and Rescue Romp. In March 2020 she became Adoption Consultant Manager. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and an avid fan of the football team. Laurie's husband is a big Georgia Tech fan and they joke that someone sleeps on the couch once a year.

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Linda Urheim

Vet Care Manager

I am retired and have always been a lover of dogs; I now make it my sole endeavor. I Retired after 37-Plus years of commuting into Atlanta for a "paying job". Now I stay at home with my 2 rescued Golden Retrievers and help on the GRRA Medical Team, where I LOVE what we can do for all of our orphans.

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Mary Beth Reed

Foster Home Coordinator

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Taylor Lee

Intake Coordinator

Taylor became involved with GRRA in 2014 when her boss had a family member who had a golden that needed to be rehomed and she asked her if she could help. Taylor elaborated, "I researched golden rescues and immediately found GRRA and contacted them. Within 24 hours a volunteer called me and within one week sweet Jack went to his foster. I was amazed at how quick and attentive GRRA was and I could tell that this rescue was the "real deal." It did not take much time for her to sign up to volunteer due to my admiration for the passion and selfless volunteers that work with GRRA.

Taylor was recognized for volunteer of the month in August 2015 because she was a dedicated volunteer who worked as an Adoption Consultant matching families with GRRA's goldens searching for their forever homes. She served as the designated Adoption Consultant for applicants looking to adopt senior dogs. Senior dogs hold a special place in Taylor's heart and she works tirelessly to make sure that the GRRA "golden oldies" find wonderful retirement homes. In addition to that important job, Taylor is also a foster, a home check volunteer, a retriever taxi driver (including intake).

Taylor resides in Gainesville,GA with her GRRA senior Alphie who is 10 and Jackson her yorkie 10 as well and Bailey who is 6 years old and a maltipoo. Taylor is an addictions counselor for felony probation out of Hall county and when not working full time she dedicates her time to GRRA.

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Tina Cuendet

Foster Home Manager

I joined GRRA in 2018, after moving to Georgia from Arizona. In Arizona, I volunteered with an animal rescue organization in the areas of adoption counseling and fostering. It’s a pleasure to volunteer with GRRA on the Intake Team and work with people who are passionate about rescue.

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Toni Loper

Intake Coordinator

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Wanda Prater

Dog Consultant Manager